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CNC Machining Sri Lanka
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CNC Machining Sri Lanka

L.P.G Advance Tech (Pvt) Ltd, established in 2020, stands as a leading machine shop synonymous with precision and excellence. Specializing in advanced manufacturing, we offer comprehensive solutions backed by cutting-edge technology. Our strengths encompass 5-axis CNC Milling, integrated CNC Turn-Mill operations, EDM Wire Cutting, and EDM Die Sinking for intricate cavities. We also excel in CNC Fiber Laser Cutting and 3D Scanning for reverse engineering and quality inspections. Our ISO 9001:2015 certification attests to our unwavering commitment to exceptional quality at every stage, backed by rigorous inspections, advanced techniques, and continuous process improvement. At L.P.G Advance Tech, we craft perfection, delivering superior results that exceed industry standards and customer expectations. CNC Machining Services Sri Lanka.

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Parts, Dies and Molds Manufacturing

Crafting Excellence, Shaping Future: Your Partner in Parts, Dies, and Molds Manufacturing. Precision Engineering, Endless Possibilities.

CNC Turning

Revolutionizing Form and Function: Mastering Precision with CNC Turning. Shaping Materials into Design and Meets Engineering Innovation.

3D Scanning Services Sri Lanka

3D Scanning Services

Capture Reality in Detail: Redefining Precision with Our 3D Scanning Services. Transforming Objects into Digital Innovation, One Scan at a Time.

EDM Wire Cut and Die Sinking

EDM Wire Cut and Die Sinking

Spark Your Creations: Unveiling Possibilities with EDM Wire Cut and Die Sinking. Transforming Metal with Unmatched Precision and Detail.

CNC Fiber Laser Cutting

CNC Fiber Laser Cutting

Precise Cuts, Limitless Possibilities: Unleash Innovation with Our CNC Fiber Laser Cutting Services. Shaping Metal, Crafting and Emerging Futures.

Dynamic Balancing Services

Dynamic Balancing Services

Precision Balanced Performance: Elevate Efficiency and Extend Lifespan with Our Advanced Dynamic Balancing Services.

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Precision Redefined: Where Excellence Meets Assurance. Our Commitment, Your Guarantee for Flawless Results Every Time.

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Timeliness Unleashed: Delivering Excellence, Right on Schedule. Your Projects, Our Punctuality – On Time, Every Time.

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Beyond Boundaries: Forging Tomorrow’s Ideas Today. Embrace the Future with our Innovative Solutions that Redefine Possibilities.

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